Fourty-Seven years of innovation and advanced engineering to sustainably harness the abundant resources of the earth.

Our Journey

As a manufacturing and export company, we aim to enrich lives and take the economy with us as we reach new pinnacles of success with every step we take.

  • 1970The Beginning Eastman Group

    Mr. J. R. Singal, our Chairman sets up a bicycle brake shoe manufacturing plant in Ludhiana, Punjab.

  • 1982The Launch of Eastman Industries Limited

    EASTMAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED (E.I.L) a corporate entity established as a first step to professionalize operations.

  • 1986The Launch of Eastman Cast & Forge Limited (E.C.F.L)

    EASTMAN CAST & FORGE LTD (E.C.F.L) incorporated for export of hand tools.

  • 1994-2006The Glorious Years

    E.I.L won the Latin America Focus award in 94, Both E.I.L and E.C.F.L got ISO 9002 & ISO 9001 certified in 98, E.I.L won Focus LAC Award for outstanding Export performance in 99, E.I.L wons National Export Awards for excellence in Exports.

  • 2002A New Beginning Eastman Industrial Company

    Eastman decided to incorporate- EASTMAN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY (E.I.C) for export of two wheelers and their spare parts- Now called E.A.G (Eastman Auto Group).

Eastman Batteries

The Launch of Eastman Auto and Power Limited

EASTMAN AUTO & POWER LIMITED holds automotive, batteries and solar products under its umbrella. Although the auto group began in 2002, E.A.P.L was formally launched in 2006.

Eastman Products