Built on infallible foundations of technology and racing through the industry with bountiful innovation, Eastman is a conglomerate of highly motivated individuals with technical prowess par excellence.

Company's Foundation

Eastman Company Foundation 1
Founded in 1970 By J.R Singal in India
Eastman Company Foundation 2

Mr. Jagdish Rai Singal dreamed of a foray into the newly industrialized nation, which he began with a venture as humble as a Bicycle Brake Shoe manufacturing plant in Ludhiana. Today, the very same plant has grown multitudinously into a torchbearer for the Indian industrial community as Eastman Auto & Power Limited.

Eastman Journey

Our Journey

With the determination to stand tall as a global leader in the power industry, Eastman Auto & Power Limited has been working relentlessly to establish a better brighter India for the future generation. Here, we share our 47-year-old journey from our modest beginnings to becoming a national superpower in the power industry.

Eastman Global Presence

Global Presence

The differentiated sectors of economy and markets have never brought us to a standstill. Our productive workforce bustling with the desire to become a Global superpower has always ensured that we surpass every barrier to make our presence felt all around the world.

Eastman Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing happens to be our core thrust area and forms the very structure of our operations. The flawless manufacturing facilities coupled with a highly functioning research and development cell ensures that we stand at the forefront of battery and solar services.

Eastman Research & Development Unit

Research & Development Unit

We at Eastman highly regard scholarly debate and deliberation which is a major part of Research and development. Eastman Research and Development Cell is the offspring of this respect for the pursuit of a better life through innovation with the aim to propagate a culture of curiosity and innovation.

Eastman Goals and Objectives

Vision , Mission & Values

Vision , Mission & Values are the souls and the guiding principle of an organization and here at Eastman, we abide by the principle of global sustainability through harnessing the abundant resources and engineering solar power solutions.

Eastman Management Team

Management Team

Eastman is lead by a team of individuals with world class experience and skills in the power industry. These established professionals under the guidance of J.R. Singal, Chairman Eastman Group and Shekhar Singal, Managing Director EAPL, collaborate to drive the power industry towards new innovation and advanced technology.

Eastman Illustrious Recognition

Illustrious Recognition

Every single unit at Eastman swears by the motto that dreams coupled with blood, sweat, determination, and hard-work alone can materialize as glorious realities. Our inexorable efforts to achieve excellence have been recognized time and again through numerous awards and accolades.

Eastman CSR Initiatives

CSR Initiatives

At Eastman we hold close the idea that every enterprise, no matter what sort, must be beneficial to the society in some form or another. We believe in enhancing lives through our policies, products, and principles which have always been focused towards enriching and uplifting the lives and and living conditions of all those we reach.


Our Services

Energy Storage

Eastman offers a wide range of energy storage solutions in tubular technology, gel technology & Automotive.


Solar Solution

Eastman offers solar solutions for wide range of applications that includes off-grid, on grid and solar power pack solutions


Automotive Solution

Eastman automotive is a master in supplying high quality automotive two wheeler & automotive spare part with complete solutions



Eastman has a strong global presence and customized products to cater to the exports market with the best storage, solar & automotive solutions.