Flat Pasted Technology

Completely Maintenance Free Automotive Battery

Pasted Flat Plates Battery Technology

Eastman Pasted Flat plate battery technology is made with thin or thick grids depending on the application. Thicker plates with fewer plates per container are used for those applications with relatively low ampere drain for relatively long periods of time. In general, when the application demands a high ampere rate for a very short time, it is customary to use many thin plates in a container.

Eastman Pasted Flat Plates Battery- Cross Sectional View

flat plate battery

How Does Pasted Flat Plates Battery Technology Work?

Pasted Flat Plate Batteries are manufactured using a rugged caste grid usually made from a lead allow containing from 3-6% antimony which is pasted on an automatic machine with a specially compounded mixture of lead oxide. Following the plated are cured by a process that converts active material on the plate to the desired composite which causes the plate to set to a hard cement-like mass.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pasted Flat Plates Battery

Eastman Pasted Flat Plates Battery Technology is built on innovation, advanced engineering and research. Here we answer all your queries regarding our battery.

Eastman Flat Pasted Battery FAQ
Pasted Flat Plates Battery is used when applications demand a high ampere rate for a very short time made with thin or thick grids depending on the application.
The manufacturing process begins with a rugged caste grid usually made from a lead allow containing from 3-6% antimony which is pasted on an automatic machine with a specially compounded mixture of lead oxide.
  • Good electrical performance
  • Long cycle life
  • Tough and durable
  • Good reserve of lead for long life

Tips for Flat Plates Battery Maintenance

Flat Plated Battery technology is a new and innovative technology and it requires that you keep a few things in mind while using it like the tighten the fasteners to the terminal with connecting cables and avoid fires nearby battery like smoking, sparking etc.

Eastman Flat Pasted Battery Tips for battery Maintenance

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the electrolyte level as per the magic eye on the cover of the battery.

  • Top-up when the indicator reaches red level.

  • Return the scrap batteries to the authorized dealer only.

  • Do not keep any metal piece on the top of the battery.

  • Do not apply Grease or oil to fasten the wires.

  • Do not keep external terminal connections loose.

  • Do not add tap waters to batteries add only D.M water to top up.

  • Do not try to rectify the batteries if in problem please contact service personals

Tips For Handling Pasted Flat plates battery

In general, Pasted Flat plates battery use Lead-antimony grids for daily deep cycle operation. Grids with a lead-calcium alloy should be used to provide low water loss in the batteries recommended for automotive applications. This technology like all others requires some care. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Clean Terminals - Always keep the battery terminals clean. No sulphation should be on the terminals

Use Suitable Battery- Make sure that suitable battery with recommended CCA from vehicle manufacturer is used in the vehicle.

Full Charge Condition - Battery to be in full charge condition in each cycle before putting in use.

Apply Petroleum Jelly - Apply petroleum jelly to terminals & connect external wires to the battery.

Clean Panels - Eastman Flat Pasted Technology

Clean Panels

Always ensure the Monthly and Quarterly Solar Product maintenance checks which involve the cleanliness of the panels.
Manually Check Details - Eastman Flat Pasted Technology

Manually Check details

Always check all detailed information in the manuals and cautions displayed on the solar products.
Day to Day Record - Eastman Flat Pasted Technology

Day to Day Record

Keep day to day performance record to improve solar panel maintenance.
Keep in the sun light - Eastman Flat Pasted Technology

Keep in the sun light

Avoid keeping the solar panels in the shade.

Technical Data Sheet

Pasted Flat plates battery technology is slowly gaining momentum with ever increasing users around the globe. Here are a few model specifications to help you understand further.

  • It is available in a product range of EM38B20R, EM38B20L, EM65D26R, EM65D26L, EM95E41RT, EM95E41LT, EM135G51 and EM150G51

  • The nominal Voltage range of 12 and length of 19 to 512.

  • Widht- 129 to 215

  • Overall Height- 227 to 237 with the terminal type of T1 and T2

Why is Eastman Pasted Flat technology better?

Eastman batteries are highly efficient and sustainable. They are manufactured to offer higher life cycle, low self-discharge, lesser maintenance, high-temperature performance and reliable heavy load performance meeting all your requirements under one roof.

Applications of Pasted Flat Plates Battery Technology

Applications of Pasted Eastman Flat Plates Battery Technology