Eastman Electric Vehicle Tubular Battery uses cutting edge tubular technology to revolutionize the industry.

Eastman ICAT Approved Electric Vehicle Tubular Batteries

Eastman Electric Vehicle Battery comes as a boon to rickshaw drivers considering that the tubular technology helps to achieve the lowest possible cost per kilometer and is of the highest quality. An ICAT approved product, the tubular electric vehicle batteries comes with a 12-month warranty period and has an overall higher cycle life. The electric vehicle battery cost is reasonable and has been found to have reliable high load performance and also requires lesser maintenance than other batteries. There is no doubt that it makes the life of its owner easier, bearing in mind that it also has around 10% less topping up frequency than any other battery in the market combined with higher charge efficiency and resilience against over/undercharge. The battery, as its name suggests, has a design in the form of a tube for the positive plate and a grid pasted design for its negative plate. This allows the accumulation of more active material as compared to any other plate technology. Eastman provides vehicle batteries for numerous automobiles including electric car and the electric car battery price is so nominal that anyone can afford this battery without making extra effort on their budget. 

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Electric Vehicle Tubular Battery fit for tropical climates

Eastman Electric Vehicle Tubular Battery is highly recommended for tropical climates since it can operate consistently at high temperatures as well and has very low water loss. The material used to construct the battery has extremely high porosity and low electrical resistance. This combination brings up the average performance by around 11% and the metallurgical structure has been modified to attain the higher life expectancy of the battery. Gravity casting is used when big voids and a non-uniform microhardness is needed, low pressure casting at 10 bars for when small voids with very low microhardness.

Features that Set Eastman Electric Vehicle Batteries apart

Other factors that set the Eastman tubular battery apart from all its competitors is the higher run time per charge. The specially designed chargers have also ensured that the recharge process is faster. All of this contributes to the battery having the lowest cost per kilometer. It is highly vibration resistant. The vent plugs of the battery are designed especially with flame retardant material to make sure there is no spillage. Eastman Electric Vehicle tubular batteries are of the best quality and it has partnered with the various leaders of the market like Kinetic Green, GOENKA, Queen Motor Vehicle, Avon Cycles, Hero Electric, HIM Teknoforge and Jangid Motors. In case of any queries, Eastman can be contacted at the Toll-free number.

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Product Range

S.No. Model Nomenclature Capacity @ C20
1. EM1006ER
2. EM1206ER 120AH
3. EM1009ER 100AH
4. EM1209ER 120AH
5. EM100ER 110AH
6. EM120ER 130AH
7. EM1402ER 140AH

Applications of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Eastman Electric Vehicle batteries are the most recommended batteries for Electric Vehicle use. Our Batteries have very low water loss and the lowest cost per kilometer with customized vent plugs to be flame resistant and spill free.