Eastman High Performance Solar Batteries Built with Innovation and Advanced Engineering.

Eastman High-Performance Solar Batteries

The solar power battery is one of the most innovative products released by Eastman. The tall tubular solar battery is the highest performing solar battery in the market. Our high performance solar batteries ensure best performance that is beneficial for a variety of purposes. The core features of the solar battery system are high surface carbon, micropores woven gauntlet, special grade PE separator, and advanced paste formulation. The improved discharge performance is mainly due to the presence of high surface carbon. It leads to not only high capacity and excellent life cycle performance but also improves the active material utilization for better performance of the electrodes through a reduction in the irreversible lead sulfate on NAM. Being one of the top solar battery manufacturers, we assure people regarding the performance of our products that will power your house in the best possible manner. Eastman offers a wide range of batteries including solar batteries for home, which makes us prominent solar battery supplier in the list of renowned solar batteries companies.

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Product Features

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Features that Set Eastman Solar Batteries apart

The use of the micropore gauntlets is an innovation that sets this battery apart. Through the use of these gauntlets which are based on polyester with resin content with reinforced mechanical property – especially elasticity – maximum ionic transfer is made possible through the gauntlet pores. This also leads to better capacity due to the low electrical resistance and consistent results throughout the life of the battery. The advanced paste formulation allows the battery to operate with low self-discharge and gets charged faster. The organic additives for the Tubular Conventional are specifically designed with the aim of significantly increasing the life of the negative electrode under high-temperature conditions for both the shallow and deep cycle application.

Special Features

The Eastman Solar Battery is made superior through its ultra-low maintenance low antimony alloy chosen for its ability to maintain a higher lifecycle and being deeply dischargeable. The spines are designed as high-pressure di-casted spines that are vulnerable to less corrosion. The number of spines in a single plate was increased to get the highest capacity per given size. The process is unique in that it is a 4-step curing program that provides good adhesion of the active material to the grid which leads to greater cyclic life. The charging process is specially designed to allow the battery to get charged quickly and last a longer life cycle. Automatic PLC based high precision ADOR chargers are used to attain optimum charging. Programming, data logging, and monitoring are possible through a PC interface. The battery charging is available with a temperature controlled water tub. Eastman solar batteries have been used successfully in countries all over the world and have maintained their position as one of the top players in the market due to the high performance, long life cycle and great performance.

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Product Range

S.No. Model Nomenclature Capacity @ C20
1. EM100SB
2. EM120SB 120AH
3. EM150SB 150AH
4. EM200SB 200AH

Applications of Solar Batteries

Eastman solar batteries are built with advanced engineering and innovation to comply with an array of application ranging from use in Industrial units, hospitals, street lights, solar power plants and home solar lighting systems.