Eastman Solar Technology

Solar energy converted into electricity for your home or business.

Eastman Solar Technology is developed through Battery Formation Rectifiers and Water bath controlled charging stations. We have EAPL research center for solar technology products which involves chemical lab setup and battery LCT-Bit rode. To ensure the quality of products we use Highly Precision Multi-metre, Clamp Metre- Fluke, Data Loggers, Phmeter- Eutech and Conductance Metre.

Eastman Solar Battery- Cross Sectional View

How Does Solar Technology Work?

Solar energy works by the acquisition of solar energy and converting it into electricity for your home or business. When photons of the sun shot a solar cell, they push electrons to lose from their atoms. The conductors are secured to the positive and negative side of the cell. When electrons pass through this circuit, they produce electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Technology

Eastman Solar Battery Technology is built on innovation, advanced engineering and research. Here we answer all your queries regarding our battery.

It has two parts Photo and Volt. Volt is the measurement unit. They convert light energy into electricity.
If the installation and maintenance of the battery are done properly it usually lasts minimum 5 years depending on the usability and model.
Opting solar technology in your house or in other setting helps you to save your money on your electricity bill. It is long lasting so it saves you from increasing electricity rate in future. 
Like all tubular batteries, solar batteries also require regular top-ups with distilled water.
The flat replacement warranty period is 5 years from the date of manufacture. 

Tips for Solar Battery Maintenance

Solar technology production should never be kept under the shade. They will become inefficient in such case. You should always monitor the performance of the solar system. Keep track of how much energy it is producing. The most important is mounting the hardware regularly to ensures the continuation of earth connection and its good condition. Accordingly, regularly inspect the inverter. Check the green light and DC voltage coming into the inverter.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  •  The acid of the battery should be periodically checked to avoid any hassle in long run.
  •  Keep the battery in dry and secure place.
  •  Keep the upper part of the battery dry and clean. Vaseline or petroleum jelly should be applied to cable clamps and terminals for proper lubrication.
  •  Avoid applying grease under any condition.
  •  Ensure that the battery is firmly secured to the cradle and the cable clamps and lead wire contact is properly maintained.
  •  Vent plugs should be closed tightly.
  •  Check and inquire your vehicle electrical system regularly along with the electrical voltage setting.
  •  Always check the vent hose in the battery is not folded or impaired by the exhaust system.
  •  Never use acid. Use only distilled water and maintain the level of the line that indicates, maximum.
  •  The battery should be serviced regularly through nearest authorized Eastman dealer.

Tips For Handling Solar Technology

Solar Technology constitutes of products with LCT-Bit rodes and photon cells which are highly sensitive. Thus require special care while handling like while installing solar equipments especially in the case of solar panels, try keeping the solar panels out of the shade and in a sunny spot. Here are a few other tips that you should keep in mind.

Clean Panels

Always ensure the Monthly and Quarterly Solar Product maintenance checks which involve the cleanliness of the panels.

Manually Check details

Always check all detailed information in the manuals and cautions displayed on the solar products.

Day to Day Record

Keep day to day performance record to improve solar panel maintenance.

Keep in the sun light

Avoid keeping the solar panels in the shade.

Technical Data Sheet

Solar Power is the fastest growing energy source with ever increasing solar installations all around the globe. Here are a few model specifications to help you understand further.

  •  In Solar Street Light, the models available are ESL9W, ESL15W.
  •  Solar Street Light- SL9W, ESL15W
  •  Solar MPPT PCU- ESM3K/48, ESM5K/96, ESM7K5/120, and ESM7K5/120.
  •  Solar PWM PCU- ESP650/12, ESP3K5/48, ESP5K/48, ESP7K5/120, and ESP10K/120.
  •  Grid TIE PV Inverter- ESG1K, ESG3K, ESG5K, ESG10K.

Why Eastman Solar Technology is better?

Eastman products are highly efficient and sustainable. We aim at creating an eco-friendly environment for providing cost-efficient products. All products are manufactured from a highly durable material which will ensure the continuous power supply for a longer period of time. We provide support and maintenance services across the globe establish efficient solar installations.

Applications of Solar Technology