Sun is for Everyone: The Solar Awareness Meet in Nigeria

On the 16th of December, 2017, a Solar Awareness Meet was conducted in Nigeria. Energy is one of the most important factors that play a significant role in a country’s development, with the standard of living directly related to the amount of per capita energy consumption. Nigeria, in particular, is a country with an abundance of solar energy; it would be able to meet the rising energy needs by replacing fossil fuels with solar energy.

The event was attended by 15 business partners and executive members. 5 of Eastman’s most qualified engineers and international business managers were also present at the event. The agenda was to discuss the advantages of solar power, especially in the context of the country that is Nigeria. The various new technologies that have been developed to increase efficiency of solar energy being captured, along with the features present in various Eastman solar products were up for detailed discussion.  Addressing the gathering, Eastman’s International Business Manager, Mr. Sumit Singla said: ‘Eastman plans to solarize every home in Nigeria with affordable solar solutions and targets to spread awareness of solar to empower people to make informed decisions.’

In the discussion, products such as the solar PV module and solar MPPT PCU were touched upon. The patented Tubular Technology batteries by Eastman too came up in the discussion credits to its unmatched features like its ultralow maintenance and higher cyclic life. The use of solar hybrid technology and the various advantages it poses was also discussed in detail.

Eastman’s range of solar energy solutions can be used to meet all energy requirements, whether by using solar panels and invertors or setting up your own solar power station quickly and efficiently. The latest technology is now being used to ensure that maximum capacity of energy is produced. In Eastman, highest standards are maintained when it comes to electrical and material precision for all its products.


We wish Nigeria shining bright tomorrow being empowered by Eastman Solar Power Solutions!

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