All You Need to Know About an Off-Grid MPPT PCU

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources available to us that can provide abundant energy year-round without any risk of running out. Using solar power is a decision that can ensure that you no longer have to worry about energy scarcity. When going solar, you need to first know the different kinds of technology available to you.

What is an Off-Grid System?
The name itself is quite self-explanatory here. An off-grid solar system is one that is completely self-sufficient and therefore does not need to depend on the main power supply/ grid for any power backup. A solar off-grid system generally consists of solar panels, a solar power conditioning unit (PCU) and battery bank. The DC electricity is generated by the solar panels. The PCU is a unit that consists of an MPPT charge controller, monitoring software, and inverter. Through the PCU, the generated DC current is converted into AC current which can be used to run appliances. The AC current is allowed to flow through the main power outlet of the building. The excess solar energy that is not used up is stored within batteries so that the power can be harnessed as and when required.

About the Off-Grid MPPT PCU
The solar off-grid MPPT PCU is one of the most important elements in the whole system. It integrates various elements like the solar charge controller, inverter, and grid charger. With the help of the Off-Grid PCU, it can be ensured that power supply from the main grid is used only if there is insufficient solar power to meet the load requirements. It also enhances the amount of solar power that is used through this mechanism.
The Eastman Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU is one of the most advanced in the market. It has three different operating modes that can be chosen depending on your individual preferences. The first is the Smart Mode. Here, the first priority is the use of solar power. If it is not available, the power stored in the batteries is used. The use of grid power is given the least priority. In Hybrid mode, the PCY works with solar and batteries. If there is absolutely no solar power available and the battery discharges to a low-level trip, then power from the main grid is harnessed and used. In the PCU mode, the grid is given second priority instead of the stored energy in the battery.
The Off-Grid MPPT PCU comes with a set of advanced features that ensure you get the best performance of the whole solar system. The main feature is the intelligent mixing of solar energy and use of grid energy when there is insufficient solar energy. This ensures that you never face any energy shortage. Advanced DSP technology is used with built-in energy meter and pure sine wave output to assure maximum security and performance of all appliances. There is also the facility for remote monitoring and data logging. The advanced MPPT technology used also facilitates 99.9% efficient tracking. The ATC technology also allows temperature regulated charging. Combined, the Off-Grid MPPT PCU ensures maximum efficiency of solar power usage combined with security and longevity.

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