The Brain of a Solar Power Unit- The PCU

Solar power is gaining momentum in the country and how! Ever since it became quite evident that the government was trying its best to keep pollution and power consumption of the country as a whole under control, various private bodies have begun to depend on power gained through solar energy and considering the fact that most of the year is sunny in most parts of India, generating solar power becomes an easy task.

Due to its increasing popularity, status symbol and consciousness of using renewable energy, solar power and solar power generating processes like home inverter with various battery prices, have become quite popular among educational institutions, privately owned companies, individual houses owned by a single or a group of individuals.

Solar energy is a new and innovative method of power generation in which advanced technology plays a key role and requires that we stay updated with the latest technology and with the functioning of our solar installation. Thus, it is important for us to know at least the basic workings of the devices and their importance in the installation.

Now, the most important factor that you need to retain in your consciousness before we start the discussion is that the entire installation, including the batteries, the inverter, the PCU and the solar panel might call for a heavy investment at once. But, it is value for your money by generating the required amount of energy every day and also saving your pocket from those heavy electricity bills.

Now that we have the financial under wraps, it’s important to address a common myth regarding solar installations. It is a common misconception that solar power conditioning units are not a part of the solar power generation system, which is actually not true.  Solar power conditioning unit commonly known as PCU is a key part of the entire system. The PCU is a combination of various units of the power system, which is an integration of the solar charge controller, inverter, and the grid charger.

As a common understanding, the PCU, like a basic CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a part of the whole unit as to ensure the smooth functioning of the rest of the unit and can also be addressed as the brain of the solar installation.

The PCU, in general, keeps track of the voltage of or in the battery, solar power that is sent as output and the total load that is being put in. If the PCU detects that the battery voltage has fallen past a certain fixed point because of constant use or because of added load, then the PCU will transfer the load to the Grid, while simultaneously charging the battery for its power.  However, this does not happen quite a lot. The PCU always places its first preference over the batteries that store solar power and will resort to Grid only when the battery is about to give away because of the continuous or excess load over it.

Using solar power can have a lot of positive effects, especially eliminating the need of power inverters for home or small inverter battery by providing an uninterrupted power source for homes. So don’t just sit back and relax, switch to solar power with Eastman.


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