Eastman Next - Generation No Maintenance Gel Batteries

Eastman gel battery technology offers gel battery range from VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid battery) batteries. It has jellified electrolytes with sulphuric acid mixed in fumed silica gel to form an immobile consistent gel as a gel electrolyte. A gel battery is needed to be kept upright like a flooded wet-cell lead-acid battery. It is designed in tube form for positive plate and grid pasted design for the negative plate in order to assemble more active material as compared to other technology. It contrives consistently at the high-temperature rate.

Tubular Gel- Cross Section View

Tubular Conventional- Cross Section View

How Does Gel Battery Work?

Eastman Gel Batteries have special plate design and high-pressure venting system that increases it’s ability to withstand harduous service conditions and makes it completely maintenance free. Eastman Gel Batteries is the best choice to opt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eastman Gel Battery Technology is made with advanced engineering and innovation. Here we answer all your queries regarding our battery.

How are gel sealed lead batteries different from AGM batteries?

In AGM batteries, the electrolytes are absorbed by sponge-like glass fiber separators. And in gel batteries, the liquid electrolyte converts into a gel when the battery is charged.

Can I add acid to a gel battery?

No, you should never add acid to a gel battery and you should never open the battery for any other reason. It will harm its efficiency and will ever give same output and power again.

What is the maintenance cost of Eastman Gel battery?

Eastman Gel Batteries are spill-proof and maintenance free.

In what kind of environment should I store the gel battery?

The battery should be charged and discharged in the fully ventilated area. This will avoid risk of fire or explosion in case of any spark or fire. The gel batteries are safe to be kept in the interiors of your home since they are fume free batteries.

What is the warranty period of Eastman gel battery?

Eastman offers 5 years warranty on maintenance free on Gel batteries.

What is the lifespan of Gel battery?

Usually, the lifespan of gel battery is 5-8 years but it can last longer with proper installation.

Tips for Gel Technology Maintenance

Like any other product or tool, Gel Technology based products also have a few guidelines and tips for proper upkeep and efficient use. Gel batteries are sensitive to dust and other contaminants, so, it's important to ensure that the battery top is always clean, dry and dirt-free. To avoid losing energy and efficient functioning, inspect the screws, terminals, clamps, and cables of your gel battery for breakage, damage or loose connections.

Here are a few more tips for maintenance:

  • Always ensure that the battery top is clean, dry and dirt-free
  • Inquire the screws, terminals, clamps, and cables for breakage, damage or loose connections
  • Check the battery case to inquire physical or any other damage. This will indicate whether the battery is overheated or overcharged
  • Always ensure that the battery has sufficient electrolyte covering the battery plates
  • Always use distilled water and avoid tap water and sulphuric acid
  • Regularly check the state of charge indicator. It will help you attend to the condition of the battery
  • Always fully charge the battery before storing it for a period of time

Tips for Gel Handling

Gel Batteries have a different make and structure from other batteries, which means that they also have a different way of handling them. Gel batteries get charged at a lower voltage. So you should be careful about overvoltage as it can lead to the failure or inefficient performance of the batteries. Along with overvoltage, you should also ensure that a suitable preferably a pure sine wave inverter is used consistent with the Ah of the battery. Apart from these basic tips, you should take special care of the following tips. Apply petroleum jelly to terminals and secure external wire to the battery.


Avoid grease and oil to fasten the wires.


Do not open battery in any case if you facing a problem with it please contact Eastman Service center or dealer.


Be cautious about a fire near batteries like smoking, sparking etc.


Use proper protection while handling.

Technical Data Sheet


  • Electrical Resistance
  • Oxidation Loss
  • Wettability
  • Pore Volume
  • Acid Displacement

Why Eastman Gel Technology is better?

Eastman Gel Technology has jellified electrolytes and sulphuric acid which is mixed with fumed silica gel to form an immobile consistent gel. This gel basd technology makes Eastman Gel Batteries better than other Batteries. Eastman batteries can be kept upright like a flooded wet-cell lead-acid battery have more cranking power when you need it with a hassle-free non-spillable packaging. These batteries can be mounted in any position and work very well even in hot weather condition.

Applications of Tubular Gel Batteries

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