Call us a cricket team of 11! Here are our Management Team members who are incessantly striving for excellence.

J.R. Singal

Chairman Eastman Group

When Mr. Jagdish Rai Singal, first encountered his entrepreneurial ideas, little did he or the people around him envisaged that he would one-day chair one of the finest industrial conglomerates in the country. What began as a cycle brake shoe factory has today expanded into the Eastman Group of companies of which he is the honorable Founder and Chairman. In less than 47 years, keeping Ludhiana as his base, Mr. Singal has built an empire that today, stands synonymous with path-breaking innovation and unwavering trust. From being a local manufacturer, his industrial ideology took the company to new pinnacles of manufacturing, supplying and exporting bicycle components, accessories, tires, tubes and batteries. His vision of labeling Eastman as a global leader in the battery manufacturing sector has made the company extend its presence overseas and reach new continents like Latin America, South America, Africa, Western Europe, and Western Asia. We owe all our success and recognition to this visionary and his ceaseless desire to create a better tomorrow.

Sanjay Singh

President Domestic & Institutional –EAPL

Sanjay Singh brings to the table a stellar career of 23 years of which a decade is spent with Eastman learning, the institutional sales wing. He has proved his metal time and again and is making his journey with Eastman worthwhile. With experience derived from working in Amara Raja Batteries and Asian Paints, Sanjay offers a holistic view of the market.

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