Solar PV Modules

As the world’s leading solar product company and provider of smart solar energy solutions, Eastman is the active contributor in shaping the solar revolution.
We offer world-class and affordable solar energy products at even the remotest locations making solar energy affordable and available for everyone.

We are the largest solar module supplier across the globe and have pushed the Solar industry forward by manufacturing high-efficiency module and comprehensive electronic procurement construction solutions. As you start your solar journey with us, you’ll turn your global footprint into a step towards
the clean, green and sustainable future.



  • Maximum power generation to help you make more solar money
  • Shock resistance thick iron glass to help you cut down on solar wastage
  • High grade solar cells to give you long lasting solar panels
  • Best qualities raw material to give you best performance even in extreme weather conditions
  • Anodized aluminum frame gives freedom from maintenance
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Key Features

Positive tolerance
Guaranteed tolerance +3% Reliable power output
High module efficiency
Module Efficiency up to 17.51%
Strong Compressive Strength
Certified to withstand high wind of 2400 Pa and snow loads of 5400 Pa
Fire test approved
Application Class A, Safety Class II, Fire Rating C
Excellent performance under Extreme condition
High salt mist & ammonia resistance
Reliable quality forever
Without potential induced Degradation (PID-free)

Product Range


S.No. Type Models Net Weight ±3% (Kg.) Panels Dimensions (LxWxH) (±3mm)
1. MONO PERC EMP395W 21.48 Kg 1986 x 1000 x 40 mm
2. TWIN PERC ETP400W 22.60 Kg 2030 x 1010 x 40 mm
3. TWIN PERC ETP445W 24.50 Kg 2094 x 1038 x 35 mm
4. TWIN PERC ETP540W 27.50 Kg 2272 x 1133 x 35 mm
5. POLY EPP160W 10.78 Kg 1485 x 665 x 35 mm
6. POLY EPP265W 17.30 Kg 1675 x 1010 x 40 mm
7. POLY EPP335W 21.00 Kg 1970 x 991 x 40 mm

Our Products

Solar photovoltaic (pv) modules generate electricity from sunlight, which can be fed into the mains electricity supply of a building or sold to the public electricity grid. Reducing the need for fossil fuel generation, the growing grid-connected solar PV sector across the globe is helping create jobs, enabling families and businesses to save money, and cut greenhouse emissions.

Quality Control Systems

The quality system is followed in 4 sections in Eastman Auto & Power Ltd:

  • Incoming Quality Inspection (IQC)
  • In process Quality Inspection (IPQC)
  • Final Quality Inspection (FQA)

All raw materials are inspected as per Quality Plan of Eastman Auto & Power Ltd.

The materials are checked for dimensions, Specifications, Quantity, weight, shelf life visual as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan of material. The following material are inspected whenever they arrive in the plant as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan: EVA, Glass, Cell, Backsheet, Ribbon, Busbar, Frame, Junction box, silicon Sealant, Labels, Packing Boxes, wooden pallets IN PROCESS QUALITY INSPECTION The product during manufacturing is inspected at various stages on line for various parameters as per criteria laid out in Quality Plan.

These are the stringent inspections performed at various stages so that product produces if of Premium Quality. The following inspections are performed on Product during manufacturing as per Quality Plan:

  • Visual Glass Inspection for Spots, transimissionetc
  • Cell Testing with reference of calibrated cells
  • Visual inspection of cells
  • EVA and backsheet for dimensions
  • Ribbon Pull Test-peel strength
  • Gap between Cells
  • Gap between strings
  • Gap between cells and Glass side edge
  • Gap between cells and Glass top edge
  • String Polarity
  • Bus Bar Location w.r.t. Junction box terminal
  • IV testing at Lay up
  • EL test before Lamination and after lamination
  • Visual Inspection before & after Laminator
  • Gap between Bus bars
  • Gap between Busbar and cells
  • Visual Inspection after Lamination
  • Frame Inspection after fitment
  • Junction Box Assembly and pull test Inspection
  • Electrical Parameters of Modules
  • Leakage current at high voltage
  • IR at high voltage –HIliOT test
  • Wet leakage test
  • Module visual Inspection
  • Packing Inspection
  • Gel content Test
  • Back sheet Pull test
  • Sun shocking- R&R
  • Damp heat test*
  • Partial discharge test *

Final Quality Inspection

The Product is inspected before dispatch to customers for visual inspection, packing and electrical parameters. After stringent Quality inspection solar modules are dispatched to customers.

Machine Validation

The sun simulator and High Voltage equipment are calibrated in every shift so that machine performs all the testing in accurate manner and product is of specified parameters.


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