Contemporary and precocious engineering for accessing resources sustainably from the earth with renovated experience of Forty-Seven years.

Eastman Performance Redefined in Figures

Eastman has accelerated essence with the ambition to take over the extensive radius of heights. We have created milestones in developing and revolutionizing technology with of aim benefiting people and the atmosphere. We are an Indian power solutions provider dedicated to enhancing the quality of lives with honest immersion with the economy while leaving a greener and safer footprint of success.

1200 Employees
1200 Employees in Eastman


We are committed to blossom creativity and intelligence in our employees. We give an essential and liberated platform to let their ideas develop in a demonstrative manner and help them achieve their life goals.

Eastman Location
Eastman Present in More Than 60 Countries

In more than 60 countries

We are established across the globe providing our diverse range of products and services. We are the best-in-class with an aim to advance our approach and technology with accelerated yet substantial outcomes.

Eastman Installed More Than 150 MW till Date
Eastman Installed More Than 150 MW till Date

More than 150 MW till date

Our purpose is to help develop an energy efficient and sustainable planet. We work hard and inclined ourselves to be innovative every day to realize the dream of a green and healthy life of the people.

Eastman Happy Customers
More Than 3500 Eastman Happy Customers

3500 Happy Customers

We are accessible to our customers around the world with the purpose to make their life easier and resourceful. We have developed energy solution with extreme durability and modernized investment of technology with competent efficiency.

Eastman Sold More Than a half a Million Batteries
Eastman Sold More Than a half a Million Batteries

Than 12 Million batteries

We manufacture 1.5 lakh batteries in a month. Our batteries are innovation with sustainability. We have designed batteries in varied range with tremendous output and active safety to power your lives. The performance is exhilarating and compatibility is phenomenally refined.

Our Services

Energy Storage

Eastman offers a wide range of energy storage solutions in tubular technology, gel technology & Automotive.


Solar Solution

Eastman offers solar solutions for wide range of applications that includes off-grid, on grid and solar power pack solutions


Automotive Solution

Eastman automotive is a master in supplying high quality automotive two wheeler & automotive spare part with complete solutions



Eastman has a strong global presence and customized products to cater to the exports market with the best storage, solar & automotive solutions.