To rise above the competition and illuminate the power industry with our state of art products and services while serving the global community on our pursuit for greatness.

Eastman Vision

To attain global leadership in 12V tubular technology while sustainably harnassing the abundant resources to engineer solar power solutions with persistent support flowing from motivated employees, empowered research, development and trusting stakeholders to exceed the expectations of every single customer.

Eastman Vision - Unswerving Integrity

Unswerving Integrity

It is our responsibility, to uphold and act within the boundaries of the law. We stay true to our core values and reflect them in every decision we make.

Eastman Vision - Well Delineated Leadership

Well Delineated Leadership

Under a well-defined hierarchy of command, the team is well directed by able team leaders to proceed on the path to achieve goals and objectives.

Eastman Vision - Agility and Dexterity

Agility and Dexterity

Over the course of time, we have built a proactive team of employees who are fast, responsive and bustling with unique ideas.

Eastman Vision - Passion for Innovation

Passion for Innovation

Innovation is the pillar on which we have built this empire. Every employee is emboldened to keep innovating and creating new models of working and products which can be executed. Creativity and efficient processing are our hallmarks.

Eastman Vision - Pursuit of Excellence

Pursuit of Excellence

While walking a path leading to greatness, we constantly learn, un-learn and relearn our knowledge of the world, seek for opportunities to expand our reach and strive to achieve higher standards of service by constantly improvising our work culture.

Eastman Vision - Customer Friendly Operations

Customer Friendly Operations

We tend to our customers with great care, gather intel on their needs and expectations, mould our services to suit such wants and build trust for our brand in the consumers. Sustaining personal and effective relationships with clientele alone can propel us to excellence.

Eastman Vision


The team of Eastman is made up of every single technician that adds his humble contribution to develop an enhanced product. With this unwavering sense of collectiveness and mutual respect fostered for employees at every level, the Eastman team believes certain core values that reflect in the work and keep enriching our efforts to grow into a global super power. The core values are mentioned below:

Eastman Objectives

As we advance as a conglomerate, we have been fortunate enough to forge strong alliances with global partners that were cast with mutual cooperation and tolerance. We constantly persevere to sustain and improve these channel partners for comfortable business.

The key to our success lies in an effective and efficient management system based on well-defined command structure. The decisions made by the top management are based on thoroughly discussed and formulated policies, strategies, objectives and plans which are constantly improvised. All these resolutions are based on processed facts and intel rather than instincts and hunches.

The world says that a good society makes a good business, but we disagree and state that a responsible business makes a good society. Throughout our operations, we actively propagate social responsibility and environmental sensitivity. We uphold and operate according to the guidelines issued by local environmental authorities. We recognise our impact on the ecology and ensure that our efforts to excellence do not meddle with the environment’s well-being.