The page gives a detail description of all the Eastman products and their wide reach and services all over the world.


Mr.Jagdish Rai Singal laid the foundation to what has grown to be Eastman Auto & Power Limited in 1970. Our 48-year old journey was focused on innovation and harnessing the most advanced technology to provide energy solutions. Our product portfolio has been constantly evolving to meet the rising demands of our markets with new innovation and technology.


At Eastman, our customers have always been our inspiration. Our research and development team focuses on developing new products with added innovations that can serve and meet the needs of our customers. With this, we aim to establish a better future for generations to come as well.


Eastman has developed into a global leader in the power sector due to our drive to achieve a future that is energy efficient. Our in-house research and development center coupled with cutting edge technology, quality control and manufacturing processes lead to the development of products that have the highest level of performance and efficiency.


Our mission at Eastman is to achieve a sustainable future in which there are no energy shortages. We aim to achieve this through sustaining and developing a culture of curiosity and innovation that leads to new products that are better at achieving this end.

Future plan

Our future plans are centered around the desire to create global sustainability through creating power solutions that harness the abundant resources available and finally attaining energy independence. We aim to do so while making such solutions easily affordable for all.

Product  Portfolio

Our range of products is designed to meet every energy need of our customers. With the latest technological advancements and dedication to innovation, our products remain the market standard for performance and efficiency. We work towards meeting our customer’s needs and making life more comfortable.