When power stops, life stops. Before the light goes out, let our batteries take your load. Experience Meets Innovation to Deliver Next-Gen Batteries.

Eastman Batteries

The Eastman Global group is the leading power and home electrical specialist in India lighting every moment of your life. With over 37 years of experience, Eastman has emerged as a strong player in energy solutions space providing unlimited energy to people who want more out of life. We have a battery for every need ranging from traditional to rechargeable and solutions that are sustainable and energy efficient. Not only our batteries 90% recyclable, we also ensure that we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We are revolutionizing the battery industry by incorporating the latest technological advances and testing our energy solutions on various industry parameters. Our constant innovation and unshakeable dedication help in powering the nation with a backup that lasts forever. Go with Eastman and conquer the energy crisis before it conquers you. We are lightening happiness in every, moment making your life comfortable and efficient.

Tubular Batteries

Investing substantially in the creation of path-breaking technologies, The Tubular battery manufactured by Eastman is way ahead of other options available in the market. We are one of the leading manufacturer of Industrial Tubular batteries that will meet the energy requirements of the most demanding and advanced applications, anytime, anywhere. We use highly corrosion-resistant special lead alloy and Pasted Negative Plates to create the tubular plates and this ensures cycling capabilities and high performance of the battery. These batteries have a great charge acceptance and are completely maintenance free.  These batteries are convenient for living room ambiance and work with uninterrupted power supply for inverters and other stationary applications.

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Gel Batteries

With innovation at its heart, Eastman develops energy efficient gel batteries to lighten your world. These batteries ensure full capacity, trouble-free performance, and long life. We acquire the world’s best standards in developing gel-based batteries for the inverter, UPS, and solar photovoltaic applications. It is made of high-quality silica gel which provides excellent recovery from deep discharge and since there’s no liquid electrolyte, the battery is leak free even if it’s tipped on its side. It’s special plate design and high-pressure venting system increases its ability to withstand arduous service conditions and makes it completely maintenance free. Whether you want to employ it for industry use or normal home affairs this gel battery will last for ages.

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VRLA Batteries

With the concept of loving earth and a deep-rooted concern for environmental protection, our solar batteries are helping you solve the energy concern in an eco-friendly way. We deploy world-class technology to design these batteries which offer long-lasting durability, higher current, and better performance. These batteries give long life in cyclic operations and work for extremely long intervals without the need for regular maintenance. They are designed using thick, strong positive plate which increases its durability and avoids corrosion. These batteries have been designed to provide power optimally whenever required and are helping us move closer to our ultimate goal of energy independence. Harness the power of the sun and cut off your electricity bill forever.

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