The brightness that will never run out. True deep cycle gel batteries that you can count on.

Eastman Next-Generation No Maintenance Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are the Next-Generation of “No Maintenance” batteries which last longer and provide more cranking power when you need it. These are taking over the conventional battery technology because of their sealed and non-spillable packaging providing hassle-free experience anytime, anywhere. These batteries can be mounted in any position and work very well even in hot weather condition. You don’t regularly need to add water to these batteries making it an ideal choice for people who want easy to maintain power solutions. These are lighter than ordinary batteries and can be used even in cold weather. If you want your smartphones to run for days without a charge, without the risk of fire, and all for less money then these gel batteries can power your dreams and aspirations with their breakthrough functioning.

Product Features

Batteries for life

The electrolyte in Gel batteries does not flow like a normal liquid which ensures instant start, long life, and trouble-free performance. These batteries can be operated and installed in virtually any position making it easy to use and performance oriented. It also has a very low rate of discharge in comparison to normal lead acid batteries which reduces the chances of premature battery failure. These are truly fit are forget type of batteries where you can do rough handling and even then the battery will perform onto it’s best. Big dreams need big backups. These batteries can brighten your life forever.

Fit and forget type of battery

Gel batteries can be kept in any position, just like your briefcase. whether you keep it upright or in any other position it's efficiency will still be the same. You can fit the battery into any narrow space and let it work from over there. It’s best for people who do not have time to maintain their battery, check the level of water and carry out other maintenance functions which result in battery failure, cell damage and low back up problem. The spill-proof technology further minimizes chances of corrosion making it compatible with sensitive electronic equipment. Lighten every moment of your life with gel batteries that run everything at the tap of the moment. Cruze through the power cut through these long-running gel batteries.

Tubular Gel


      1. Robust Tubular with High pressure die casted spine - rate of spine corrosion is very low as compare to AGM VRLA
      2. Gelled electrolyte - no stratification and no failure due to PSOC
      3. Valve regulated - no water top up during service life
      4. Antimony free alloy - longer shelf life because of very low self discharge
      5. Very High Design & service life as compare to than AGM VRLA
      6. Good for Cyclic & Float Applications
      7. Wide operating Temperature Range.

Product Range

S.No. Model Nomenclature Capacity @ C20 Weight (Kg)
1. EM150GG
2. EM200GG 200AH 61.50
3. EM150PT 150AH 52.00
4. EM200PT 200AH 63.50