Experience the infinite power source through our breakthrough battery technology. Tubular Batteries that offer you more than extra life.

Eastman Tubular Batteries

Eastman-the most trusted name in tubular battery technology offers you infinite power source for the most demanding applications. These deep-cycle batteries offer a great complement to our flooded line built for more life. With these batteries, you can rely on the fact that the machines will run the whole shift, every shift, seven days a week. Thanks to the world-class quality and best-in-class technology, we offer you corrosion resistant and highly durable batteries that are designed to enhance the quality of life with incredible possibilities. We create innovative & efficient products that bear the mark of reliability & excellence. Investing substantially in the creation of path-breaking technologies, The Tubular battery manufactured by Eastman is way ahead of other options available in the market. We are one of the leading Manufacturer of Industrial Tubular batteries that will meet the energy requirements of the most demanding and advanced applications, anytime, anywhere. 

Product Features

Reliable and steady performance

Manufactured for every need we use tubular plate technology in our batteries in order to accumulate more active material in comparison to other plate technologies. It not only enhances the battery performance but also improves the life cycle of the batteries. The optimum use of red oxide and polyethylene separator with higher thickness further makes it an ideal choice for every industry. Our batteries guarantee reliable and steady performance, even under heavy load. Plug into the most powerful and endless source of energy and lighten your lives today, tomorrow and forever.

Power back up for every need

We use high surface carbon in our tubular batteries which makes it run for life. It not only improves the discharge performance of the batteries but also ensures fast recovery in the deep cycle. Suited for frequent and long power cuts these batteries have a long life cycle and can lighten up every moment of your life. Use of special grade polyethylene separator results in high volume porosity and higher mechanical strength. Our tubular batteries require low water top up and have a life expectancy up to 5-6 years. From household application to industrial use these batteries will run for life and power your world with brightness forever.

Consumer Benefits

      1. Tall Tubular Conventional batteries provide a steady performance with affordable cost to the customer.
      2. Environmental friendly aqua trap vent plugs ensuring low acidic fumes.
      3. Highly reliable compared to normal flat plate batteries.
      4. Perform consistently under any conditions hence suitable for sensitive and heavy applications.
      5. Faster charging is one the notable feature in Tubular batteries.
      6. Low maintenance – very low water topping up required.

              Tall Tubular Conventional Battery USP's

                  1. Thicker & Wider Spines for long life and deep cycle applications.
                  2. Usage of Low Antimony alloy for ultra-low maintenance.
                  3. High porous & oxidation resistance gauntlet for extra backup & long life.
                  4. Optimized negative paste recipe for fast charge acceptance.
                  5. Advanced high surface carbon used for enhanced performances.

                          Consumer Benefits

                              1. Maintenance Free.
                              2. Life can be extended beyond 18 Months with Water Top-up.
                              3. Robust PP Container

                                Tall Tubular Maintenance Free Battery USP's

                                    1. Maintenance free - 18 Months No DM Water Top up required.
                                    2. Low gas emission.
                                    3. Consistent Backup through out life.
                                    4. Low Self Discharge ( Approx . 2.5 %).
                                    5. Tubular Design - Cycle life of more than 800 Cycles i.e. 2X of AGM VRLA.
                                    6. Hi-surface carbon for quick charge acceptance under PSOC.

                                            Product Range

                                            Tall Tubular Conventional Battery - Gold Series

                                            S.No. Model Nomenclature Capacity @ C20 Weight (kg)
                                            1. EM100D
                                            2. EM150D
                                            3. EM200D

                                            Tall Tubular Conventional Battery - Diamond Series

                                            S.No. Model Nomenclature Capacity @ C20 Weight (kg)
                                            1. EM150D
                                            2. EM200D
                                            3. EM220D

                                            Tall Tubular Maintenance Free Battery

                                            S.No. Model Nomenclature Capacity @ C20 Weight (kg)
                                            1. EM100TTMF
                                            2. EM150TTMF
                                            3. EM200TTMF