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Eastman Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA Batteries

VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid) Batteries are updated propagation of “Maintenance free” ready for use batteries. It has elevated quality battery with eminent and magnificent stability and facilitated by lasting service life. VRLA Batteries are used with multiple applications like Home, telecommunication system, power stations, solar plants, fire-fighting equipment, electric toys, energy lamps, power tools, alarm system and railways stations. It has higher capacity compared to other lead-acid batteries and also safer than other lead-acid batteries as it can be discharged in any position. It is for both stationary and cyclic use. It has high and low-self- discharge. It has no “memory effect” and its state of charge can be determined by measuring voltage. It has relatively low cost compared to other lead-acid batteries. Our products are precisely checked by professionals to ensure the quality and efficiency before delivering it to clients across the globe.

Product Features

Efficient Energy Batteries

Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries have reduced on ventilation so they will have a longer life of around more than 10 years. It has feasibility for float charge operation with the same voltage of the cell, to continue in using current charging equipment. It is highly efficient and hassle-free because of  its pro features of maintenance free and no requirement of periodic water refilling. Its valve existing in VRLA cell operates as a safety valve which opens when the concentration of the hydrogen gas inside the battery increases hazardously high. It is economical because of low initial cost, high specific power, and quick charge capability.

Long-Lasting and Efficient Batteries

Eastman VRLA Battery has produced three types of batteries VRLA Battery [DEEP CYCLE], VRLA Battery[ AGM], VRLA Battery [GEL]. It can be used according to the required applications. They have superior deep discharge resiliency and excel for high current, high power applications and in the extremely cold environment. It remits a prominent dual-purpose solution for a synthesis of starting and accessory power. It has a minimum chance of corrosion which makes it compatible with sensitive electronic equipment due to its spill-proof technology. It has high sealed reaction efficiency and voltage class of 12V. We always ensure that every battery has stood for a period of time and ending voltage is analyzed. We have computer analysis for proper polarity. Battery performance and longevity are optimised regulatory acid temperature and specific gravity monitoring.

Product Range

S.No. Rated Capacity (AH) Nominal Voltage Rated capacity @ Weight (Kg)
1. 4AH
2. 4.5AH 6V C20 0.76
3. 5AH 6V C20 0.84
4. 7AH 6V C20 1.11
5. 10AH 6V C20 1.55
6. 12AH 6V C20 1.70
7. 1.3AH 12 V C20 0.54
8. 2.3AH 12 V C20 0.9
9. 3.3AH 12 V C20 1.2
10. 4AH 12 V C20 1.38
11. 4.5AH 12 V C20 1.5
12. 7AH/td> 12 V C20 2.1
13. 7.2AH 12 V C20 2.2
14. 7.5AH 12 V C20 2.25
15. 9AH 12 V C20 2.65
16. 12AH 12 V C20 3.35
17. 18AH 12 V C20 5
18. 26AH 12 V C20 7.9
19. 100AH 12 V C20 28.5
20. 150AH 12 V C20 41.5
21. 200AH 12 V C20 54
22. 33AH 12 V C10 10
23. 40AH 12 V C10 12.6
24. 45AH 12 V C10 13.5
25. 55AH 12 V C10 17.3
26. 65AH 12 V C10 20.4
27. 75AH 12 V C10 23.5
28. 80AH 12 V C10 25.3
29. 100AH 12 V C10 29.3
30. 134AH 12 V C10 40
31. 150AH 12 V C10 41.8
32. 160AH 12 V C10 49.5
33. 200AH 12 V C10 59.5
34. 250AH 12 V C10 71.5