Power your world with affordable Off-Grid MPPT PCU solutions.

About Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU

Eastman is a globally recognized leading Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU provider making India self-reliant on solar energy. We use advanced MPPT technology in our Solar Off-Grid PCU that can simultaneously run the load and charge the battery. Suitable for standard Lead-Acid Batteries, as well as flooded, sealed and gel type, these controllers check the output of PV module, supply power to a DC load and fixes the power issues that PV module can produce to charge the battery. Our Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU stand apart from the rest because of their high-quality design and multiple features we have packed into it to make your life easier.


How it works

Eastman's Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU consists of a solar charge controller, inverter, and a Grid charger all in an integrated form. The Off-Grid Solar PCU is designed to enhance the use of solar power and uses Main/DG Power only when the solar power is insufficient to meet the load requirements. This unique system offers three operating modes- Smart Mode (Your PCU gives first priority to solar, second priority to batteries and third priority to the grid in smart mode) , PCU Mode (Your PCU gives first priority to solar, second priority to the grid and third priority to the battery in PCU mode) , Hybrid Mode (In this mode your PCU works well with solar as well as batteries. Grid charging only takes place when solar power is not available & battery discharges up to battery low-level trip). Read the catalog carefully for more details.

Your Questions Our Answers

Here are a few frequently asked question to clear up any confusion that you may have.

An off-grid solar system consists of solar panels, solar inverter, solar charge controller, and batteries. When the direct light of the sun falls on the solar panels, DC power is generated
A maximum power point tracker is a DC to DC converter that optimizes the power conversion between the solar panel and solar battery bank or utility grid.
There are two types of solar charger- PWM(Pulse width modulator) and MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracker). The MPPT uses much more advanced technology than PWM charger and meant to extract maximum power from the solar panel to provide best charging current for the battery.
It is better because in off-grid solar system there is no provision for battery backup.
ATC means automatic temperature compensation. This technology offers you off-grid PCU to detect the ambient temperature surrounding the battery.

Tips for Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU Maintenance

Maintenance is a key part of any solar installation for optimum operating efficiency and to avoid downtime due to mishandling of the product or incorrect installation. Maintenance consists of accurate functional checks and mechanical part replacement.


Here are a few more tips for specification:

  • Ensure proper ventilation and cleanliness around you PCU.
  • Keep room temperature at +- 30° for the improved life cycle.
  • Ensure proper connection at battery terminals.
  • Read all instructions before attempting to install, operate, and maintain your Off-Grid MPPT PCU.
  • The handling, installation & maintenance of the battery associated with this equipment, must be done in according to the prescribed the instructions & safety precautions.
  • There is a risk of electrocution when the battery is connected to the PCU. Therefore, do not forget to disconnect the batteries, grid, PV Module, load before any service is to be done on the PCU.
  • Installation, maintenance & repair of the equipment should be undertaken by trained, experienced and authorized service or electrical personnel.
  • To disconnect, turn off all MCBs located at the back panel of PCU.

Available Models

Our solar PCUs with Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller can be a good option for both your household power need and industrial usage. We are providing smart solar technology for the new millennium helping the world lighten up with the power of the sun.



Designed to be best suited for residential homes and small commercial applications and establishments.


Designed to be best suited for installing in schools, commercial establishments, and residential homes.


Suitable for installing in petrol pumps, gas stations, schools, commercial establishments and residential homes.


Suitable for installing in petrol pumps, gas stations, schools, commercial establishments and residential homes.

Core Features


Product Range

S.No. Model Weight (Kg) Dimensions (L x W x H)
1. ESM3K/48
560mm x 360mm x 525mm
2. ESM5K/96 60 720mm x 430mm x 600mm
4. ESM10K/120 100 720mm x 430mm x 683mm
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