Eastman’s Solar Innovation Center stands as a true beacon in its design, purpose and theme. An interactive exhibition facility, the innovation center is locatedat the second floor of Eastman’s head office in Gurugram, Haryana.

Our Aim

Eastman has always been an inspiration to emulate when it comes to corporate responsibility and sustainable development. With countless projects, products and efforts aimed at uplifting the state of society, Eastman has become a brand proudly associated with environmental welfare and societal advancement. In accordance with these conclusions, Eastman launched the Solar Innovation Center with the aim of educating, inspiring and promoting Solar Power as an energy resource.

The reasons behind launching the Solar Innovation Center was to create an area entirely dedicated to the promotion of the sustainable development of India’s solar industry, while simultaneously displaying Eastman’s contribution to India’s 100GW solar rooftop mission. The Solar Innovation Center also aims to act as an exhibition center to showcase the achievements and productions developed through Eastman’s Integrated Energy Strategy mission.

Eastman Solar Innovation Center
Eastman Solar Roof

Establishment Details

The Solar Innovation Center hosts a variety of solar products and technologies that have each been meticulously designed and manufactured by Eastman. Cumulatively, The Solar Innovation Center holds 8 varieties of state-of-the-art solar products which include models of Solar MPPT Power conditioning unit, Solar PWM based Power conditioning unit, Solar Grid-tie inverters, Solar street lights with inbuilt lithium ion batteries, Solar charge controllers, and Solar photovoltaic panels. The entire exhibit is powered by two Solar power conditioning units and 8 cutting-edge Tubular batteries using solar power that runs 8 LCD TVs, 2 Air conditioning units, and 8 Led lights.

In addition to displaying some of Eastman’s finest contributions to the solar industry, the establishment cleverly showcases a live demonstration of the power, convenience, and benefits of Solar Power by integrating it into its build and design. The entire center is run on integrated photovoltaic panels that produce enough electricity to power all the devices, products and appliances inside of and connected to the center.

Powered by India’s most innovatively designed MPPT Solar power conditioning unit, the center is a monument of solar pioneering and stands to proudly demonstrate the brilliant advantages, leverage, and eminence of Solar Power.


The main idea behind building the Solar Innovation Center is to allow open education of Solar Power and its components, offer live demonstrations of the solar products and promote solar research through extracting important statistics. The Center is an information hub and a treasure trove of all things solar and is one of the most attractive sites for any solar energy enthusiast to visit and learn from.

Eastman’s Solar Innovation Center is truly a spot like no other. This one-of-its-kind station of Solar innovation is a revolutionary place that offers education, demonstrations, innovation and ground-breaking technology all under one roof. This extraordinarily new concept is one of the firsts of its kind in India and is an inspiration to all those who wish to acquaint themselves with the advantageous technologies of Solar Power.