The use of solar energy products is the path that leads to the future– empower yourself for generations to come.

Solar Energy - The Future

Adopting solar energy is the right path to the future, since it not only caters all power related need but it is also environment-friendly. Solar products harness the energy of the sun to generate electricity. In a country that receives a high level of direct sunlight, solar energy is a solution that helps in the development of rural areas. With increasing products and innovations, the new ways to harness the solar energy are increasing day by day and bringing environment-friendly and sustainable energy alternatives for everyone; whether for offices or homes, there are products for every area required.

Why Eastman Solar Power Packs?

Eastman Solar Power Packs are designed by a team of highly experienced solar experts keeping in mind the flexible needs of customers. Eastman solar experts carefully configured and technically optimized their products to give maximum energy yield, efficiency and are cost effectiveness. With the special advantage of Single window consumer's delight service support from EAPL for all components.

solar battery pack

PWM Solar Power Pack

Get the best of all worlds. Highest efficiency of your battery, PCU and panels all in one pack.

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best solar battery pack

MPPT Solar Power Pack

Advanced MPPT technology packed with the highest backup energy storage system and high performing solar panels.

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solar power pack

Grid-Tie Solar Power Pack

With peak efficiency up to 98%, the pack provides the best combination of On Grid solar system available in the market today.

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