Eastman solar panels invented for extreme weathers and longer durations.

Eastman Solar PV Modules

Eastman is one of the best solar panel manufacturers in India and our solar energy panels have been manufactured from high transmission glass and cell surface texturing which confirm excellent performance in low light conditions.

We design solar panel for home and numerous purposes in a well-established research center using world-class technology platform and process. Our solar panel price in India is reasonable and it comes with a premium grade high-efficiency 4BB solar cells and Robust anodized non-corroding aluminum frame with weatherproof junction box.

It is potential induced degradation (PD) resistant and produces more power due to positive power tolerance. It is suitable for all types of solar applications off-grid, Grid tie, Hybrid and bi-directional etc. The solar system for home in India is swiftly changing its pace to meet the electricity requirements by harnessing the energy of sun efficiently and effectively.

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How it works

Eastman solar power panels comprise of high quality 4BB photovoltaic cells. These cells, when linked together, make up a solar panel. Each photovoltaic cell is basically a sandwich made up of two slices of semi-conducting material, usually, silicon and the panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar energy is a new and exciting field. So we have compiled a list of answers to the list of questions we get asked most often.

1. Solar Panels transform the energy from the sun into electric energy. This energy is also known as DC which is short for Direct Current. This energy is sent to the inverter to convert it into usable energy
2. The DC needs to be converted into AC which is short for Altering Current in order to be used. The Inverter transforms DC into AC and sends it to the main supply.
3. Additionally, The Grid tie inverter Regulates the flow of energy or to say the voltage of DC that goes to the main supply.
4. This energy now is ready to be used to operate your electrical appliances.
If you have a grid tie solar system installed in your home/office the solar panel will fail to work if the grid fails to work. This is because the grid tie solar inverter is connected to the grid. In case the grid fails then the system fails as well and does not produce any electricity. If you have an off-grid solar system installed, and the grid fails to provide power then the system will pull power from the charged batteries and run your appliances.
The solar installation may fail to work on a rainy or a cloudy day because under such a scenario the solar panels will not be able to generate the power needed. In such a situation the Grid tie solar system will take power from the grid and the power in the house will keep flowing without any change. In case of an off-grid solar installation- if the solar panels are not producing any power then the power will be drawn from the grid to charge the batteries and run your appliances.
When you are using solar energy made by the grid-tie solar panel system then you are not taking any energy from the grid especially on the sunny days. This will literally put a stop to your electric meter and save you a huge amount of money by not having to pay anything on the electricity bill. On an average, users are able to recover their spending on the solar system in just 3 years as the electricity bills tend to get insignificant.
A grid tie solar system installation is a good option for those who have a decent and consistent power supply. In case you are living in an area that experiences a shortage of power supply or no power supply, you must opt for an Off-Grid solar installation that will power your appliances with available solar power and charged batteries.
Additionally, organizations and establishments that need more power during the day compared to the night such as offices and schools can choose to get a grid tie solar panel installation as they can get all their electricity needs fulfilled with the grid tie solar.
Normally, an Off-Grid Solar Installation comprises of solar panels, charge controller, solar Inverter, and battery. The solar panels create DC electricity (which is short for direct current) during the day when the sun is bright and sunlight falls on the solar panels. This Direct Current travels to the inverter. The inverter thereafter converts the Direct Current into Alternating Current as this is the electricity that can be used by the appliances. The Alternating Current in the inverter gives electricity to appliances that are connected to it.
If in case, there is an excess of Direct Current supply then the inverter stores this excess supply in the battery for a later time. There is an inherent solar charge controller that is linked to the battery in the solar inverter. The job of the Solar charge controller is to ensure that the current and voltage that is being delivered to the battery are of the right amount. Moreover, solar charge Controller is also responsible to make sure that the current stored in the battery doesn’t flow back to the panels at night when there is no sun.

Tips for Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels as per their design are highly sensitive so, it’s necessary to properly read and understand all safety and installation direction before doing anything that might damage it.


Here are a few tips to maintain your solar panels and make them last longer:

  •  Contact with electrically active parts of the module such as terminator should be avoided; it can lead to lethal shock or burning.
  •  Do not hit or put excessive load on the glass or back sheet or twist the frame, the glass may break or the PV cell may break.
  •  To avoid any hazard of electric shock or injury, cover the entire front surface of the PV module with a dense, opaque material such as cardboard sheet during installation.

Available Models

Eastman solar panels have a variety of uses according to the different models it manufactures. So here is a detailed description of different Eastman solar panel models to understand their varying use.

Modules EPP100W - Eastman Solar

Modules EPP100W

Modules EPP150W - Eastman Solar

Modules EPP150W

Modules EPP265W - Eastman Solar

Modules EPP265W

Core Features

Eastman Solar Panel Core Features
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