We believe that we can shout our message across the seas with some visual help! Thus, we here have few videos for you.

Our Videos

For years together, we have created an unwavering impression all over the world with our services par excellence. The globe is familiar with our services that stand as a testimony to our seamless products. To ensure that more and more are inspired by our spirit and work culture, we have put together a compilation of videos.

Eastman Off-Grid MPPT PCU

Being centered in a country that receives sunlight for most of the year, it places India in a vantage point to produce as much solar energy as possible through photovoltaic cell solar panels and high-efficiency MPPT CPU. Eastman Off-Grid MPPT PCU help you make the most of sunlight.

Eastman Grid-Tie Inverter

We just don’t create the best Grid-Tie Inverters in the country, but we ensure that they are also serviced and maintained regularly. The key to ensuring that the country and the globe are served well with the abundant solar energy is to employ ceaseless maintenance services and advanced engineering which we do.