If global warming, universal climate change and comprehensive resource depletion weren’t enough reasons to make you switch to solar technology, Eastman’s products might help you change your mind.

Need for Solar Power

Solar power is an inexhaustible source of energy which is obtained from harnessing the sun’s heat and light. Evidently, it is free, universally accessible, and absolutely renewable and will be around as long as there is light. This makes Solar Power the outright most suitable and economical choice as an energy resource in today’s day and age.

Global Climate Change - Eastman Solar

NASA on Global Climate Change

The levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are highest now than they have ever been in centuries attributed to human activity in the age of industrialization.

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CO2 - Eastman Solar

Depletion of natural resources, emission of greenhouse gases & heaps of toxic waste

Excessive and superfluous use of non-renewable resources by our industries is responsible for monstrous proportions of environmental damage.

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Solar Energy Solutions - Eastman Solar

The Solution- Solar Energy

The discovery of harnessing solar power for energy and electricity brought with it the hope for a safer, brighter and a more sustainable future.

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Eastman Solar Power

Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power has proved to be a massive windfall for our world and its benefits can be felt by every stakeholder.

  • Free of Cost - Eastman Solar

    Free of cost

    Solar Power requires no cost but that of equipment setup. Once the system has been put into place, it works autonomously and uses the sun’s light or heat to generate an infinite supply of usable energy.

  • Inexhaustible Eastman Solar


    Solar Power is obtained from a source that is constant and continual; the sun. It is a resource that can never be exhausted or depleted. As long as man is willing and able to harness its power.

  • Pollution Free - Eastman Solar

    Pollution Free

    Solar Power is a clean, organic source of energy and emits no harmful substance in neither its procurement nor its usage. Its attainment offers no harm or corruption to the environment in any way.

  • Hazard Free - Eastman Solar

    Hazard Free

    Fuel storage and transportation hazards are some of the most dreaded yet common mishaps in the world. Solar Power is free of all hazards and is a secure and safe source of energy.

How to make Solar Power work for you

With the help of Eastman’s solar energy solutions, you can setup your own solar power station or can build an industrial scale power plant quickly and efficiently. Our range of solar products such as Solar Panels and Solar Inverters work effectively to utilize as much of the sun’s energy for all your energy requirements. Our cells are designed and manufactured with high consideration to quality to make sure they produce their maximum capacity of energy and you get the most out of your daylight. Our inverters are manufactured with the highest standards of electrical and material precision and they work seamlessly with the whole system to make sure your electricity requirements are satisfactorily met.